Alfalfa Dehy is high-quality Alfalfa that has been dehydrated and compressed into pellets, cubes, meal or similar forms. It makes an excellent feed and also an excellent natural fertilizer. Alfalfa dehy is:

• High-quality alfalfa grown specifically for feed.
• Guaranteed protein levels - 15%, 17% and 20%.
• Field fresh vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
• Beta carotene, Rumen By-Pass protein.
• Maximum feed value in an easy-to-handle form.
• Consistent quality - each load, every load.
• Low moisture content for less shrink, less dust loss and more feed value than bales stacks or ground hay.
• All natural feed.

Your best buy for...

Dairy: Research shows that high-protein alfalfa pellets (replacing up to 40% of the grain mix) can cut costs, maintain yields and increase butterfat. Replace up to 50% of the forage coarse-cut pellets.

Beef Cattle Feedlots: Coarse-cut pellets increase consumption, improve feed efficiency and increase gain without the losses and extra labor of ground hay. Fine-grind pellets balance low-cost rations with "alfalfa-factor" value.

Range Cattle/Sheep: High-protein pellets in range cubes improve utilization of low-quality roughage.

Horses: Nutritional value, consistency and appeal without dust make pellets and cubes ideal for even finicky horses.

Poultry: Pellets provide important vitamins and amino acids to boost hatch ability and egg production.

Specialty Animals: Ideal for specialty animals, such as ostrich, emu, rabbits, game animals, buffalo and deer.

Natural Fertilizer: Alfalfa dehy is an effective, safe, and easy-to-use alternative to commercial fertilizers. An excellent source of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and many micronutrients, Alfalfa dehy works great on flowers, vegetables, ornamentals, shrubs, and lawns.